Dry filters’ achievements

Dry filter is a product line continuously at the forefront by taking up new tests and challenges.

Hence, we are glad to present you the technical characteristics of hydrophobic filters: they allow for a healthy environment, free from mold and fungi which could endanger the health of drivers and passengers.

In order to reach this result, our Dry Filters were tested at a lab specialized in antimicrobial tests.

The tests on the microbial activity involve the analysis of a specimen of the hydrophobic material under determined conditions of contamination from  bacteria and/or fungi.

These are the results by comparing a SiVento Dry Filter with a non-hydrophobic filtration media:

As you can clearly see, the difference is visible and the resistance of SiVento has no rivals.

Download the complete test results of SiVento Dry Filter

Download the complete test results of non-hydrophobic filter